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Alex Pereira

Producer and Founder-Fintech
I am the Founder and CEO of PMI Americas, a leading company in Latin America for payment solutions, online processing, digital wallets, and B2B payment logistics.
But my career started very differently. For many years, my main focus was in management and media business, mostly packaging movies, and television deals, supervising sales across the globe, and managing multiple productions around the world. My shows won multiple international awards, including several Emmy Award nominations, and I also created and was the Executive Producer of the widely successful TV docu-series “Drug Wars” (Fusion, Discovery, Univision) , which took me to some very exotic and remote locations around the world as we followed police units in real counter-narcotics operations.

As I oversaw productions with dozens of people in several countries, I started to run into a major stumbling block; how can I pay local crews, ac tors, and locations, from my US-based company, and how can I send per diems and cash to my crews working abroad? All options were expensive and unreliable. This led me to develop my own internal payment system, where I could create an account for all my TV crews, and fund these remotely as needed. As I started to further enhance and perfect my system, I soon found myself helping other businesses solve their payment needs by offering my service. Soon, I was servicing more clients in the payment business than in my TV production deals! I decided to pivot and dive into Fintech, and founded PMI Americas in 2018. Today, I help several European and US-based companies, by consulting and providing payment solutions to thousands of people in Latin America and around the globe.

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