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Carla Berkowitz


Carla Berkowitz is the Executive Producer of the highly anticipated independent feature film Critical Thinking, directed by and starring the Emmy-award winning actor John Leguizamo. She spent over 20 years developing the project from story to screenplay to film. Her company, NRSP, is producing Critical Thinking, and developing other aspirational projects. She first made her mark on the Fitness Video industry Producing 15 Internationally sold Fitness Videos from 1991-2005. Anyone who watched BET's Caribbean Rhythms in the 1990's knows her Jamaica Me S'wet Fitness Video series, which she also produced. She's also an Audio Engineer, writing all soundtracks for the videos, mixing sound and editing all 15 of the Fitness Videos she produced. She's also the Founder of Perfect Balance World, a Yoga/Athleisure Brand focused on introducing Physics-Based Yoga clothing engineered to improve your performance on the mat. She started her city's first dark-candle-light yoga studio & pioneered the use of hip-hop, rap and indie rock to replace traditional meditative music for yoga. Carla is a mother of four kids who have no idea what to do with her. She has lupus, and it sucks, but creating stuff helps and it's basically the least interesting thing about her. Ask about her Vinyl Wall instead.

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