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Dean Lyon



Dean has 30+ years of experience in collaborating with cutting edge directors, studios, production companies,

post-production facilities and technology developers throughout the world. He is passionate about the potential of creative use of technology to transform the art of visual story-telling. Dean’s career has included roles as Producer, Artist, Inventor and Entrepreneur, working on motion pictures, music videos, theme park attractions, and virtual reality.

He has worked on 100’s of international television commercials and 50+ feature films including Armageddon, Independence Day, Air Force One and the Lord of the Rings trilogy where he received credit as a Visual Effects Supervisor.

Dean was one of the pioneers responsible for bringing computer graphics to film and television, and arrived in Florida to define future technology for da Vinci Systems.

Dean is the CEO of Splinter Studios. Splinter Studios is a next-generation visual effects-oriented production & post-production company dedicated to expanding the independent film industry.

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