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Dudley Alexis

An independent filmmaker and visual artist. Dudley Alexis is both a cultural anthropologist and historian who sees his world through unique multicultural eyes. His mission as a Creative is to mine the wealth of hidden details that provide meaning to the lives of those often written off by the mainstream, finding in their stories, real treasure. His gift is in gaining the trust of others who then poignantly share their personal stories, often filled with tragedy and triumph. Alexis vividly portrays their drive to thrive and to live with dignity and equality in a world that would too often attempt to keep them marginalized.

Born in Haiti, Alexis immigrated to the United States in his teens, attending high school and college in Miami where he began studying fine art. His body of work includes a vast number of short documentaries including stories about the First Nation Micousukee Tribe of Florida, made while employed by Micousukee Magazine. He went on to write, film, direct and edit his first full length documentary, ‘Liberty in a Soup’ completed in 2016. ‘Liberty in a Soup’ tells the historical significance of Soup Joumou, the national dish of Haiti, which commemorates the island nation’s triumphant independence from France, making it the first independent Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere. His work on the Arthur McDuffie story began almost immediately after, but not at the exclusion of creating and exhibiting his fine art, and was most recently was selected and featured in the exhibition ‘Kingdom of This World, Reimagined’, curated by noted artist Edouard Duval Carrié , during Miami’s 2019 Art Week as part of the prestigious Art Basel festivities.

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