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Gregory Allen Howard is an award-winning screenwriter, producer, author, playwright, and essayist whose credits include, Remember The Titans, and Ali, and the stage play, Tinseltown Trilogy. Mr. Howard is the first and only African American screenwriter in the history of film to script a $100 million movie. He is a two-time NAACP Image Award Winner, winner of the prestigious Christopher Award, and the Howard University Paul Robeson Award for artistic excellence.  
Mr. Howard, a Princeton graduate with a degree in American history, began his writing career twenty years ago in television on the TV show 21 Jump Street. After a fitful start, he transitioned into features. Mr. Howard’s specialty is true stories. He has taught a master level seminar, “True Story To Screen,” as a visiting professor at Howard University and at various film festivals.
Mr. Howard also was contributor to Taschen’s Muhammad Ali giant photo book, GOAT, Greatest of All Time. His essays include, Rumble in an Urban Jungle (the introduction), The Power of Dreams, and The Ali Kids.
As a writer/producer, Mr. Howard’s most recent projects include, Night Witches, the WWII story of the first and only female combat unit in history, Harriet, the Harriet Tubman story, and Misty, the story of American Ballet Theater ballerina, Misty Copeland.
Mr. Howard’s hobbies and interests include collecting wine and African art, ballet, opera, travel, and blogging on Huffington Post. His groundbreaking HuffPo essay, The Whitewashing of James Brown, ignited the firestorm that has led to more diversity and inclusion in Hollywood.  
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