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SHM Bitcoin Bonanza
part one

This episode is a Screen Heat Miami special edition featuring one of the most talked about phenomena of the past 10 years, crypto currency. The bitcoin conference in Miami was the biggest of its kind in history and Screen Heat Miami was there to take no prisoners. In addition to interviewing some of the biggest in the entertainment biz like Adrain Grenier and Kevin O’Leary SHM was able to interview some of the luminaries and greatest thinkers in the crypto world. The Block Chain Technology that allows crypto to maintain the ability to be authenticated promises to hold the key to the future of entertainment in many ways, but in a more present way the breakthrough of NFT’s or Non Fungible Tokens has created a revenue stream unparalleled in today’s market creating an overnight success with the artist Beeple after his NFT sold for $69 million making him the second highest paid living artist in a matter of minutes.


What does the future hold for cryoto currency and the Blockchain Technology? Listen to our first in a three-part series to find out.


The episode features Joshua Frank of The Tie, Jay of Ozone Universe Metaverse and Blake Griner of Musk Mining. In our Bitcoin talks look for XR-turning the web into 3D, the Minority Report effect, VR and AR working together, the Total Recall effect, Digital Twinning of the Universe, Virtual Burning Man, Musk Mining, Eco Mining-ethically mined from ethanol gas burn off and wind farms and Bitcoin ATM's.


And as always, the latest, greatest and not so great of the film, media and entertainment biz! Our Screen Heat Miami follow up with our very own Intern Andre who broke the story last year on the Disney Ride Cinematic Universe with the first movie dropping soon Jungle Book. Other drops include who’s winning the streaming wars, Pluto and Goofy (who walks who) and of course the Emmys!

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