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Bitcoin Bonanza 
part two
Moishe Mana
Rodrigo Arboleda


The Screen Heat Miami Bitcoin Bonanza is a series of interviews that took place during Bitcoin Conference 2021, the biggest bitcoin conference in history. Bitcoin Bonanza part one features three luminaries and can be found here:


Bitcoin Bonanza part two features two of the most prominent people in the world in their fields; Moishe Mana a billionaire developer that has developed some of the biggest destinations in the world and Rodrigo Arboleda, one of the founders of the One Laptop Per Child movement that has supplied over 2 million laptops to underserved children around the world.


Moishe Mana

Moishe Mana is a billionaire businessman and real estate developer. Growing up in Israel, Mana emigrated to the US in 1983, where he founded his first business, Moishe's Moving Systems. He started further businesses including GRM Document Management, the country's third largest document storage business, Milk Studios, a media and entertainment conglomerate, and Mana Contemporary, an art center. He is a founder of some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, The Meat Packing District in New York and Wynwood in Miami.


Moishe Mana founded Mana Contemporary in 2009 with imprints in Miami, Chicago and New Jersey. With services, spaces, and programming for artists, collectors, curators, performers, students and community, MANA Contemporary includes artist studios, living space, creative, photography, fashion, exhibition spaces, and storage.


Moishe Mana is currently underway on a development in Miami, the MANA Common Project, located in the Flagler District of Downtown Miami. This development will consist of over 45 assembled buildings spanning four streets, all of which he has purchased between 2013 and the present.

Rodrigo Arboleda

Rodrigo Arboleda is a senior executive with 50 years of experience in the fields of Architecture, International Business Development, Education and Technology, Civic and Philanthropic endeavors. After graduating from MIT as an architect in 1965, he became an award-winning architect in his native Medellin, Colombia, as well as the honorary president of the Colombian Society of Architects.

As an entrepreneur he entered into several businesses both in Colombia and later in the U.S., ranging from developing a fresh-cut flowers farm for export and later in the transportation and distribution of flowers and other perishables and regular cargo both in ocean vessels and airplanes. In addition to these businesses, Rodrigo managed the expansion of Ogden Corporation, in the fields of airport management, the development of venues in which entertainment and sport events took place in Latin America and in Spain. He was the first president of 33 of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 33 airports as well as the construction of the Rural Society's Fair and Exhibit grounds in Buenos Aires, and the Isla Mágica's theme park in Seville, Spain.

For more than 33 years, he promoted the use of technology in education with his friend and classmate Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the Media Lab at MIT, in Colombia and later as the worldwide CEO of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. He managed the logistics, implementation, training and deployment of the latest versions of the emblematic XO Laptop, and managed the delivery of many of the three million laptops in developing nations. He served in the BOD of Save the Children Foundation and is currently in the board of several philanthropic institutions.

In addition, his current areas of endeavor are related to the impact on education of cheap mobile devices, the promotion of free internet access for children in remote areas of the world and the idea of coding-to-learn, areas of endeavor acquired while at the helm of OLPC.

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